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Four ways Boston, PA fits perfectly into your GAP trip

1. Drop Your Bags, Explore The City

Prefer to overnight in a small town along the trail, but don't want to miss Pittsburgh's sites?

Stay at little boston inn, drop your bags, and have a home base for a couple of days. We are 20 miles from Point State Park, the official end (or start for many) of the Great Allegheny Passage.

As a regular guest states, "I do a lot of roundtrips on the GAP and I typically start with 2 nights at the Little Boston Inn… After the 1st night we typically ride into Pittsburgh without all our gear so we can enjoy the big city lights. Then we head out for 6 days of roundtrip enjoyment to Cumberland and back to Little Boston Inn…"

2. Pittsburgh Half-Day

​Whether your travel gets you into Pittsburgh mid-day, or you want to spend a morning exploring the city, little boston inn is a perfect distance away to get your trail trip started without biting off a long ride on a short day.

We are also an ideal final night for trail users coming from Cumberland/DC who want to extend their experience of good trail vibes by spending a night with us before traveling out of Pittsburgh the following day.

3. Thoughtfully-Paced Rides or Hikes

little boston inn is 20 miles from Pittsburgh, 14 miles from West Newton, and 20 miles from Smithton. Maybe you are pacing your GAP ride to take in the sights, read the signs, and stop at each town. Maybe you prefer to ease into your trip with a shakedown ride / short day. Or, maybe you're completing the GAP on foot! No matter your style, little boston inn is a comfortable overnight recharge spot.

4. GAP Weekend or Section-Riding

As little boston inn is perfectly situated between the historic Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area and the peaceful woodlands along the Youghiogheny River, bicyclists can enjoy two distinct trail experiences from our doorstep. Stay with us for a 2-night weekend: use one day to visit Pittsburgh by bike, and another riding under the tree-lined canopy of the "Relaxed GAP" on your way to food and brews in West Newton, or the swimming hole at Cedar Creek Park.


The great thing about the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath is that they can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways, based on the experience YOU are looking for. From avid bicyclists to casual outdoor explorers, everyone can enjoy a memorable trip on the GAP. Come start your adventure in Little Boston!


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